Breast Massager

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Breast massager

Health and Safety breast massager

Unique features an absorbing one place, quickly gather fat, promote breast blood circulation, development of secondary boost for breast, the exclusive use of silicone rubber ring to protect the chest, allowing you to use it comfortably! Exclusive use of an upgraded version of the DC motor, power is greater but with small sound! Other models breast instrument is incomparable!

Physical breast and breast perfect combination of sports, breast success rate of 98%, effective 30 days or so, 30 minutes a day, and stick with unexpected results.

Breast size analyser sub number two sizes, large cup diameter is 10.5cm, trumpet cup diameter 6cm.

Breast massager is based on physical principle, no side effects!

Breast enlarge principle: Breast liposuction is the latest in a very supple, relaxed, there is no harm style breast liposuction, will usually become separated or elsewhere around the armpit breast meat to help focus the movement by vacuum adsorption principle, accelerate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage flow, activation of breast factor, making it active again, to re-grow and develop, so that thickening of the breast fat accumulation increased, reaching fullness strong effect. Can inhibit proliferation and prevention of breast and breast cancer and can easily have a double proud breasts, through the action of pneumatic traction sequestration interaction, like light and supple massage your breasts, promote blood circulation, so that your chest skin deep indeed reach absorb movement, nutrients, enhance the flexibility of the breast, so that the flat breasts up and let loose sagging breasts huge firm, you can quickly adjust the efficacy of breast sizes.

Adapt to the object

  1. Breast hypoplasia, flat-chested person;
  2. breast feeding mothers and their children caused by intense exercise or sagging breasts, external expansion persons;
  3. Injection back milk needles, causing breast atrophy or inverted nipple, breast shape shifters;
  4. Eat or taking birth control pills contain “hormones” of drugs and breast healthy;
  5. Rapid weight loss, illness, diet, etc …… cause breast deviation rapidly shrinking, aging persons;
  6. Improper bra breast deformation caused by extrusion, external expansion person.

[Applicable] ages

12-18 year-old girls (breast development stage) to help breasts are fully developed;

19-28-year-old adult (breast slow period) adjustment function to strengthen the breast then breast growth and development;

29-38-year-old middle-aged (breast stagnation) activation of the breast tissue, so that the breast ultra-youthful, plump, firm advance;

39 years of age menopause (breast recession)



  1. The crowd can be any chest problems.
  2. The breast using more than 20-30 minutes a day, unilateral breast time. Use the same day shows significant effect. More than 20 days before the stick use stereotypes! Fat memory is generally 20 days or so, will not rebound after forming under normal circumstances.
  3. Severe breast problems (PS:. Congenital bad person, atrophy) may be appropriate frequency or time Cadogan.
  4. This combination of instruments for external use, no side effects and disrupt the endocrine and other factors, it does not affect the menstrual period.
  5. [Reminder] recommended that users with a flexible ruler, measure after use every day, to ensure accurate and clear grasp of breast Progress

[Usage Method] meet annotated!

  1. Open at the beginning of the power button is placed on the minimum size of the adjustment the first file, and then align suction cup breasts (to ensure no leakage) were absorbing and releasing motion.
  2. It can be adjusted according to the increase suction to the maximum file size of the button, and then transferred back to the minimum speed. Both breasts each 30 minutes or more.
  3. The first use, please fully charge (6-8 hours) before use. Each charge time is not more than eight hours, you can plug in the charger while charging work. About 8 hours per charge can be powered down using a 1 hr-1 and a half hours or so (depending on the size of the used gear strength somewhat different). If the power failure each time, please be sure to pay attention to the instrument is fully charged 6-8 hours. Electrical specifications)

Charging time: 8 hours, voltage: 220V, 50Hz, Chargers: Dc3v, 800mA 2

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