Compression stockings

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Compression Stockings for MEN and WOMEN

Product information:

  • Suitable for MEN and WOMEN
  • Sitting still for a long time for IT people, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office staff – stand or sit for a long time because of muscle fatigue, and the reason of gravity, the leg blood flow not free, increased blood viscosity, leading to lower limb venous disease
  • Pregnant women, people taking birth control pills for a long period of time – pregnancy hormones change and blood volume increases more than 20%; Foetuses and enlarged uterus oppression pelvic vein, weight gain during pregnancy, the leg venous pressure increase, to generate blood reflux, lead to lower limb venous disease
  • Often on a business trip, by plane, by people on the bus, and a flight attendant, susceptibility of economy class syndrome, due to the high altitude weightlessness, cause the leg blood flow not free, lead to lower limb venous disease, serious when prone to pulmonary embolism
  • Obese people, because of high blood cholesterol and blood lipids, blood viscosity increases, coupled with excessive weight make the venous blood backflow heart hard, lead to lower limb venous disease
  • The crowd has lower limb venous disease, has processed because of the venous disease states, must through the treatment to improve, otherwise the disease will continue to develop.

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