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Exercise Tracker

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Product Description

Pedometer Bracelet or Exercise Tracker


  • Pedometer Host
  • Wrist band
  • Clasp
  • Manual


Insert the USB stick of the host device into wrist band, then lock the clasp (as shown in the figure); all wrist band are free size, you can adjust the clasp upon the size of your wrist.

  • Procedure of assemble the host device


  • Disassemble the host device


  • How to wear: Wear the bracelet on your wrist (Please make sure wear the bracelet correct: keep the bottom micro USB near yourself or the screw on the bottom outward after you wear the bracelet)
  • OLED Display
    • Time: Show current time, battery quantity, and Bluetooth state
    • Steps: Show the current steps
    • Distance: Show the current distance (meter)
    • Calories: Show the current calories
  • Turn on the OLED display:
    • Keep the front of glass (screen) upwards, (make back of hand upwards), then turn your wrist one time (turn wrist outward and turn back), then the bracelet will be turn on automatically. As shown in below pictures:


  • Change bracelet function mode:
    • After light up bracelet screen, you can change bracelet function mode as below:
      • After light up bracelet screen, turn over wrist, every time turn over, the screen display will change one time (content are: time, steps, calories, distance), as show in above pictures
    • After light up bracelet screen, knock on the screen glass 1-2 times by finger, every time knock on, the screen display will change one time (content are: time steps, calories, distance), as shown above pictures

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