Hot and Cold Facial Steamer

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Product Description

This is the world’s first set of hot and cold spray in one of two kinds of instrument for home beauty, it has hot and cold water tanks for separate sprayer.
The thermal spray cosmetic effect and principles had become common sense for every woman, the cool mist of cosmetic effect, cold fog for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and thin skin has a good sedative effect, it shrink pores and makes skin becomes shiny and delicate.
The cold fog function allow our skin to absorb mist easily, especially in summer.


  • Hot steaming fog clears dirt whitening
  • Steam can penetrate the epidermal cells allow it swell and soften, makes it easy for aging skin cell to be depleted, smoothing the skin and look delicate.
  • Skin elasticity and lustre are depending on the collagen and hydrophilic factor, the mist can promote skin collagen regeneration, activate the skin moisturizing activation of hydrophilic factor, make skin more delicate, smooth, white and transparent.
  • Cold fog moist your skin and prevent sensitive reactions
  • Cold fog will not make loosen your skin, thin mist is better for skin to absorb
  • It can improve the body resistance to cold, help prevent colds
  • Long-term use of cold spray, inhibit melanoma cells, fade dark spots, reducing the surface temperature of the skin, shrink pores, inflammation, eliminate swelling and anti-allergy effects
  • In addition to skin care, it can increase indoor humidification, humidification strengthen, high efficiency humidification, anion cool mist can fresh air, improve for health
  • Using hot and cold function alternatively can strengthen skin elasticity


  • Patented design prevents residue herbs or essential oils to flow host
  • The world’s first integrated herbal cold spray sprayer
  • Double spray tube design to prevent backflow
  • 360° rotating spray pipes and stainless steel heating pipe


Cool mist sprayer consists of a steam generator and ultrasonic nebulizer. Heating elements inside the beaker through the current production of heat, the temperature inside the beaker gradually increased until boiling to produce steam, the steam from the vents catheter, spray mist vapour, which is the hot fog then through a specially designed ultrasonic shock, as the mist 1-5 Micron ultrafine particles by wind-driven device, the spray into the air, the air moist and rich associated negative oxygen ions, so you like being natural forest habitat.

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