Vibration Slimming Machine Green Model 101

$ 599.00 $ 400.00


Product Description

Reposeful and high frequency vibration and sway combined with various exercise postures, this machine can deeply stimulate muscle tissue, lower fat accumulation, rehabilitation towards elasticity of muscle, sculpture beautiful body shape, make users vitalized and feel confident.

This machine can also be use a tool towards exercise. Borrow health and ideas from Chinese traditional culture like Kung Fu, Buddhism and Taoism, it advocates passive exercise, which allow you to exercise indoor in a relatively static manner to get mind and body relaxed, relived the pain and soreness of muscle, it will help swept away the fatigue muscle, helps with circulation and make you stronger and healthier.

Warranty 1 year

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Machine weight : 20Kg
Comes with watch like remote control
Colour: white/green only ! beautiful !!
Warranty 1 year.
The motor power is 50Hz.
Speed range from 1/mins to 60/mins.
Weight capacity: 150Kg



Additional Information

Weight 21 kg