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Walson Bluetooth bone conduction headset Headphone

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Product Description

Bluetooth bone conduction headset

This new technology allow you to list to music without using your ear!

Your wireless freedom doesn’t have to be plagued by traditional limits. Confidently stash your mobile device anywhere on your body.
It is no any harms to body, the bone conduction headphone could protect the ears from the different waves.
You could hear the music and sound under the noisy environment.
The vibration of bone conduction technology, which protecting the eardrums from damage.

Our patented design guides mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering stereo sound without plugging or covering them. Sound waves travel directly to the cochlea, bypassing the eardrums completely – an alternative for anyone concerned about potential hearing damage caused by traditional headphones and ear buds, and even a solution for those with certain forms of hearing loss.

Our technology removes your ear from hearing. By using vibrations we are able to conduct sound off of your cheekbones and deliver it straight to your inner ear. We use a pair of transducers to power your music into your head. With one transducer resting on each side of your head we create vibrations that pass sound off of the surface of your face. This contact point allows our headphones to conduct sound onto the bones of your head. These vibrations send sound all the way from your cheek bones to your inner ear, allowing sound to reach the cochlea without even using your ear drum. It’s fascinating!

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